Couple Goals | Episode 1

About the Series


David and Aishani are the epitome of the word 'Couple goals'. When David and Aishani finish their 4 years of dreadful Engineering degree, they get a job in the same company. But there is just one more obstacle. Aishani still had to clear the DSP exam. People called it Degree stopping paper for a reason. Fall in love with this sweet and romantic love story where David and Aishani go beyond measures just so they could stay together.




It was that time in their life when everyone was wondering how four years went like four minutes. David and Aishani were in the final few days of their college lives. They were the most popular couple in their college. They were always tagged in all the 'couple goals' posts on Facebook.


Even when they seemed like the perfect couple in the entire college, they were exact opposites in character. She was adventurous. He was always a ‘Netflix and Chill’ type of guy. She loved Game of Thrones. He loved FRIENDS. She danced to Shiela ki Jawani, he danced to la vie en rose. He loved pizza. She loved biryani. He was a bookworm. She had a history of 13 arrears. She was the most beautiful girl in the college. He was….Nevermind!! She was elder. He was younger. She was fair. He was dark. She was a Hindu. He was a Christian (who am I kidding? This is still India). She was an extrovert. He was an introvert. She was brave. He always thought of running away is the best solution. She loved talking. He loved listening to her. She loved David. He loved Aishani.


Even when they had quite a lot of differences, their love was very strong. It was built upon the foundation of 9 years of friendship. They first met each other when they were just 7 years old. The teacher made Aishani sit with David because she was too talkative and he was the only person who would not talk back. They never changed their places until they completed schooling. They became best friends. They knew each other so well. Aishani was the only person in the world with whom David could be himself. David was the only person in the world who spoke to her without hitting on her.


Once their school lives ended, they had a difficult choice ahead. They had to choose their colleges. After a long discussion, they chose different colleges because of David's high score. Only after deciding their colleges, they realized how much they would miss each other. How much they wanted to be with each other. That was when they realized that it was not just friendship but love. They both then decided to join the same college.


They did not want to do the same mistake after college and so, they worked hard and got placed in the same company. They thought that the biggest reason they were both so perfect as a couple was because they both were always together. But they had one big problem. Aishani had to clear one more exam. It was DSP. Digital Signal Processing. However, students called it Degree Stopping Paper.


She already failed in her last 3 attempts and it surely was stopping her from her degree. Only if she clears DSP, she will be allowed to join with David together for their jobs.


Judgment day was in one day. Aishani and David finally managed to collect all the notes for preparing for the DSP exam. They sat in their college canteen together. David taught her all the important questions for the exam. Aishani, tired of listening to David, started scrolling through the Facebook newsfeed even before David finished the first question.


"Aishu! Do I look like an idiot to you?" asked David angrily after finding her scrolling through the FB feed.


"If you keep studying for an exam you have cleared already, I guess you're more than an idiot!" laughed Aishani.


"Baby! This is our last chance. If you fail again, we cannot join SVTL together." said David.


"Dave… Can I ask you something?" asked Aishani, slightly lowering her voice.


"Sure baby. Do you have any doubt? You can ask me anything." assured David.


"Baby. Can you shave off your beard and wear a wig. The only way I can pass this bloody exam is if you wear a wig and write the exam as me!!" Aishu shouted in frustration.


Both started laughing out loud. Suddenly the entire canteen became silent and the only sound was the sound of their laughter. Akshay and his friends had entered the canteen. Akshay was the son of a billionaire businessman. He was a rogue guy whom everyone hated in college. They were a group of bullies. Akshay had a crush on Aishani and he hated David because she loved him. David saw that Akshay heard Aishani shouting.


David, realizing that Akshay and his gang was coming towards them whispered "Let's run!" to Aishani.


"Look who's running! It's been four years and I still don't know what you see in him?" Akshay asked, blowing a puff of smoke from the cigarette he was smoking on David's face.


David started shaking. He knew something bad was going to happen. If Aishani wasn't with him, he would have run past the college already. But he didn't want to be afraid in front of Aishani. "Go away!" he said.


Akshay, visibly angry with what David said, came near him and held his collar. David stood there motionless. Aishani being her brave self, plucked Akshay's cigarette from his mouth. "Leave him alone or else you will get famous tomorrow for getting kicked by a girl!!" she said.


Akshay realized the entire crowd in the canteen was watching them. Some even filming it on their phones. He backed out gradually. "She won't be there for you every time!" he whispered in David's ears.


Hearing what Akshay said, Aishani shouted: "We'll always be together and you can do nothing about it!!". Seeing that David's hands were shivering, she held his hands tight and lifted them up. The entire crowd in the canteen cheered for the couple.


But all David kept hearing was Akshay's words. "She won't be there for you every time!" It kept echoing in his ears. He wondered why he wasn't brave enough. He wondered why Aishani had to stand up for him and not the other way around. He started remembering every time when Aishani stood up for him in public and this incident with Akshay affected him deeply.

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