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Introduction of the author - Shilpi Signodia

Shilpi Signodia, the author of Hangover, contributing author of Encrypted Letters, writes short stories, poems, and write-ups for magazines and academic projects. She speaks more through writing than she does verbally. Her stories are published regularly on Story Mirror. She is a blogger, book reviewer, author, and a research writer. But, above all, she is a loving mother. Despite being a trained management professional, she opted to be a full-time mother because she enjoys spending time with her children. Shilpi believes that childhood is the foundation of a strong future, and parents are the pillars who give strength to this foundation.

The Journey

Hello, Greetings from Unekha. Tell us something about yourself?

The funda of leading my life is… “I am what I am”, I respect myself over anybody else. Maybe that is why I have been able to achieve at least something in life. I was into sales, worked with brands like Times of India, and Bajaj Alliance, but I left the job after marriage. It was not because of any family pressure but it was out of choice. Working under someone is not me. I am a workaholic, and always want to work, but under my supervision. Therefore, I started academic research writing and content writing for various agencies. For the last 10 years been working in this field and in 2017 I published my first novel Hangover, and 2018 the second- Innocent Wings. I also write blogs and articles for New papers and Women’s Era.

Why did you choose to write this kind of well-known topic as a novel in such short chapters? What kind of impact do you hope this book will have on the readers?

This book is very close to my heart. This is my journey, what I have analysed and observed in this journey. I realized that people (parents) either are not aware or don't accept the learning disabilities in their children. There is no book, that could guide them about how to deal with these issues, before that how to react and accept the issues with the child.

Learning disability is a very common issue, almost every child deals with some of the other problems, so it becomes the responsibility of the parent to boost up their confidence by loving them unconditionally. This book is written with an aim to bring awareness not only in parents but also in teachers and schools.

As we see, "Innocent Wings," includes some recurring thought provoking Interviews with educators. how does adding this kind of conversations change or add to the story?

This a real story, where the author has interviewed experts, teachers, psychologists, counsellors, and parents to present the real scenario. This is not only her problem, or her story. This is a general problem, and if she could get the solution, everyone should also have the access to the solution.

Because every child is special, and every parent is concerned. I know what goes inside a mother when her child is in pain. So, I did this as a tribute to motherhood, and love towards every child.

Can you tell us about Innocent wings main character ' Rudra," what role does he play in the story? Is he proper dyslexic?

Rudra, the protagonist of this story, is assessed with dyslexia, but with high IQ. This child has a strong willingness to deal with his learning disabilities. With his hard work and support from the environment, he is able to overcome all the hurdles and turns out to be winner ultimately.

As someone who grew up with dyslexia, dysgraphia, ADHD.. in what ways does Rudra's story mirror theirs own?

Many a times things sort out with age, but if a person has dyslexia or ADHD, then he or she needs support. This could be sorted out but help is definitely required. If someone has grown up with this issue, then he or she could understand what goes inside the children like Rudra. How difficult it becomes for them to make society understand their point of view and situation because they are bad with expressions.

Previously there was no solution, but am glad things have changed and facilities are available but unfortunately, they are not accessible to all. The book aims to provide this access. I am here to help those who need any help in this regard. Rather, after releasing this book I have helped almost 5 parents in a month. Wish I could to every parent who needs support to deal with the issues in their child.

Have you ever faced a dyslexic child in reality/ your life? where did you get your inspiration for this story ( As your book demands, story based on true incidents)?

Yeah, I have. This book is about my journey with Rudra, who is my son. I am his proud mother. I am glad that my son is dyslexic and has the power to think in his way rather than following others. The book is not only inspired by my journey but also with the therapist Dr Swati, Counsellor Shivani, Psychologist Dr Pooja Jha and many others. I salute them for the work they are doing. Their efforts have the power to bring a positive change in the life of a needy child and parents. It's my tribute to the services they offer. I wish it reaches all the needful.

What do you hope readers will learn by accompanying Rudra & his parents on their journey to the other side of the wall?
The book discloses the effects of positive parenting strategy. How positive parenting could change the life of your child, not only the present but also his or her future. I expect my readers to understand that today’s children are smart enough, they don’t need out continuous nagging, but our support to boost up their confidence levels.

Every child possesses something unique in them, let that uniqueness come out and bloom, rather than focusing and torturing them for marks. I want to share something here when I came to know that my son has dyslexia and the reason why he couldn’t read or write is neurological. I just stopped focusing on his marks, and my total focus was on his development. I wanted improvement to be it by only ½ marks and his confidence. Don’t consider these silly marks to be the benchmark of giving or not giving love to your child. Love them, no matter they are successful or not. Your love has the power to make your child successful.

When did you start writing?

I am writing since childhood but professionally from 2008.

Who were your favourite authors as a child & are favourite authors now?

I loved Enid Blyton and Ruskin Bond during my childhood days, and now I am fond of reading Paulo Coelho.

What is the one book that has moved you most throughout your life?

Alchemist… by Paul Coelho.

Which of Rudra's mother "Asha" characteristics would you most like to have & why?

She is me…Asha’s unconditional love for her son is her strength. I want every mother to stand for their kids.

What was your research process when writing this non-fiction book?

I took two years to do thorough research on this subject. I met and interviewed teachers across India, psychologist, parents, therapists, and counsellor.

Have you started working on your next book? Would like to shed some light on it?

Yeah, I am working on a plot, which is going to be a love story based on millennial romance, but with a difference.

How people can reach out to you on social media?

I'm available on Facebook: Moda Shilpi, Instagram: Modashilpi and E-mail: 

About the book "Innocent Wings"

Mother Nature is kind enough to accept one and all, irrespective of their differences. But we as human being create classes of differences and disregard those whom we think are not at par with the norms stated by us. If we would also accept people with a variety of differences equally, then there wouldn’t be any issue left in the society. Little Rudra and many other children like him face various issues because of their incapability in academics and other fields. We have assumed that the benchmark of the child’s performance is his good grades, otherwise, he or she is incapable. Innocent wings is about a child who with assessment and interventions, became from no one to the one in his school. All that is required is lots of love and little care to support their capacities.

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