The Four Girls – In Search Of Freedom | Episode 3

About the Series

The story of four teenagers who leave their house and run away in search of freedom. This story describes the innocence, sensitiveness and the bold steps of the girls. The four different mentalities are described in this story.

Avni is a girl who thinks she is powerful and does all the stupid stuff which ends up entire group in troubles but the sweetest girl.

Bhagya is very innocent, sensitive, over thinker who values her friends a lot and believes in God.

Chitra pretends to be bold and rude but she is the most cautious and a girl with a very good heart.

Deeksha is born and brought up in a highly restricted family, she is sometimes rude but innocent from the heart.

The journey of these four girls from their houses to .... well to? To know the full story follow the writing series every week.


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Episode 3


They reach the hotel. Deeksha goes to the desk and gets the keys. All of them goes to the room. Deeksha says "I will go freshen up and come." "This bed is so cozy let me sleep for some more time", said Avni.


Bhagya smiles and checks out the room and remarks "It's quite a big room Deeksha." Deeksha smiles and goes. Chitra goes to the balcony and looks at the city lights and gets lost in her thoughts. Deeksha comes out and Bhagya goes to freshen up.


Deeksha says "Lets order some food. What do you wanna try?"


Avni says "Biryani."


Deeksha replied "Not again. Aren't you bored of Biryani?"


Chitra retorted, "Salad?"


Avni cried out "Salad? Really? I don't want it."


Deeksha says "Let's try some local specials. What say?", to which Avni replied, "If that isn't good we will starve to death here."


Chitra says "Ok now this is never going to end so order small quantities of each item."


Deeksha says "Ok! One salad, one biryani and one local dish".


"But what about Bhagya?" said Avni.


Chitra replied "We will share food. However, you can't finish biryani alone right?" She agreed.


Later Bhagya comes and they tell her that they have ordered food and they eat food and sleep happily that night.


Next day morning Deeksha wakes everyone up and says "I have prepared plan to let's go and enjoy."


Avni says "I am already enjoying my sleep. Why are you disturbing me?"


Deeksha says "You wanna sleep here all day? Get up Avni."


Chitra says "Deeksha first let's go get ready and then we will wake her up."


Everyone gets ready and they come down. They take a cab and they go to the beach first. They enjoy a lot. Chitra clicks some beautiful pics in her camera. After the beach, they go to a restaurant and eats a lot of delicious food. They had wine too. Avni pays the bill and then they came out of the restaurant.


Deeksha says "Let's go to the beach again."


Chitra cried out "Are you mad? It's 9.00 PM and you want to go to the beach now?"


Deeksha replied "Stop talking like my mom. Let's go. It will be fun."


They went to the beach. They danced, sang songs and they were having a good time. Looking at her watch Chitra said "Let's go to the hotel. It's already late."


Deeksha disagrees first but then everyone convinces her and takes her to the hotel. All of them falls asleep. Next day morning they wake up and they go shopping. They are all set to go but they see Avni intensely staring at the mirror.


Deeksha cries out, "Are you coming?"


Avni replies "Wait I am trying a new makeup today."


Chitra replies "Why do you wanna hide your natural face always. Try going out without makeup."


Avni says "It's not about hiding something, it's my passion."


Chitra says "How come getting ready is somebody's passion?" Bhagya stops both of them.


They get ready and goes shopping. They bought many things but Chitra doesn't buy a single thing.


Deeksha asks Chitra "Why are you not buying anything?" Chitra replies "I don't have any money," Deeksha says "I will pay. Don't worry buy whatever you want."


Chitra refuses and goes from there. Meanwhile, Bhagya goes after Chitra.


Chitra takes out her phone from her bag and Bhagya sees money in her bag. Bhagya thinks "Why did Chitra lie that she did not have money? What's happening to her? If she has money why isn't she buying anything?" Bhagya leaves that matter and she gets busy buying things.


Deeksha shops nice clothes just like actresses and Avni buys makeup stuff. Bhagya buys some stuff related to her laptop. They end their shopping and goes to the hotel.


Avni finds her photos being telecasted in the local channels. She starts hiding her face with a scarf.


They enter the hotel room and Chitra thinks "How did their parents get to know that they are in Goa?"


Deeksha enquired "Did you call anyone? Or did you tell anyone that you are going to visit Goa?"


Avni replied "No."


Chitra says "Did you use your card anywhere?"


Avni replied "I used my card to pay that restaurant bill last night," Chitra says "How could you be so dumb? Are we mad to use cash instead of cards?"


Avni said "Sorry! I didn't think of all this."


Bhagya says "Now let's think about what to do next."


Deeksha says "We need move away from this place. Let's go somewhere else."


Chitra says "We don't have enough money to afford another hotel also. We spent lots of money in the last two days." Nobody knows where to go now. They start to think.

( To Be Continued)

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