The Four Girls – In Search Of Freedom | Episode 4

About the Series

The story of four teenagers who leave their house and run away in search of freedom. This story describes the innocence, sensitiveness and the bold steps of the girls. The four different mentalities are described in this story.

Avni is a girl who thinks she is powerful and does all the stupid stuff which ends up entire group in troubles but the sweetest girl.

Bhagya is very innocent, sensitive, over thinker who values her friends a lot and believes in God.

Chitra pretends to be bold and rude but she is the most cautious and a girl with a very good heart.

Deeksha is born and brought up in a highly restricted family, she is sometimes rude but innocent from the heart.

The journey of these four girls from their houses to …. well to? To know the full story follow the writing series every week.


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 Episode 4


All of them sat and was hard at thoughts. Bhagya said, "How come we all became so stupid that we spent our entire money on shopping and enjoyment?" Deeksha replied "Okay! Let's gather all our money and count it." All of them collects money but Chitra stays calm. Avni goes inside to search for money. Rest of them collects the money. Meanwhile, somebody knocks on the door.


Chitra opened the door. A man who works in that hotel shows them Avni's photo and asks if she is with them. Chitra says "No."


He says "If you see her anywhere just inform us" and gives her the photo pamphlet and leaves. Chitra looks at the pamphlet. Avni runs to Chitra and closes the door and takes that pamphlet. She gets shocked and starts to cry.

Deeksha said "Why are you crying now? It's all over." Bhagya consoles Avni.

Chitra said "Ok. Now we have to find a new place to live not these hotels because our families can find us easily."


Deeksha replied "We can't go from here. Let's hide Avni like we did it today."


"Hiding her can only be a temporary solution but try to understand the logic that if they knew that Avni is here, they can easily conclude that we are with her and tomorrow our photos will be here on the pamphlet, " said Chitra pointing at the pamphlet in Avni's hand.


Bhagya says "Now we have to search for a place where nobody can find us."


Chitra replied, "And we have to search our jobs first but in this situation who is going to give us our dream jobs?"


Avni says "It's all over now, we are helpless and alone here."


Deeksha says "I know a place."


Chitra says "Don't tell me some star hotel." Deeksha replied, "No, it's a bungalow which nobody is using recently just because there are some rumors about it."


Chitra asks "Rumours? What kind of rumors?" Deeksha says "Rumours that the Bungalow is haunted." All of them gets shocked.


Avni cried out "No let's not go there please." Bhagya also says the same.


Deeksha tells them - "Do you have a better idea?"


Avni replied "We don't have a better idea but this is not a good idea. How can we risk our lives???"


Deeksha replied "We already risked our lives when we stepped out of our houses in search of freedom and passion. And moreover, who believes in ghosts and haunted houses? Those are all rumors and trust me that the bungalow is very big and nobody can even think of us living there. So nobody can find us."


Chitra says "Ok! We will do one thing. For the time being, we will go there. From there we will think what to do next." Avni and Bhagya disagree at first but later they agree as Chitra convinces them.


Next day they send Avni to sit in the cab with a scarf around her face. Then Deeksha clears the formalities and comes out of the hotel and gets in the cab.


Chitra asks Deeksha "Where did you get the money from?"


Deeksha says "I paid for it already. Don't worry it's from an account which my dad doesn't  know about."


Deeksha tells the driver to stop. He stops the cab and they got down. Avni remarked, "There is no bungalow here."


Deeksha replied, "If we get down in front of the bungalow this driver may have doubts so let's walk to the bungalow." They all agreed and walked to the bungalow.


They finally arrived in front of the Bungalow. "Four girls standing in front of the gate of a haunted bungalow .... did anyone ever imagine this?" said Avni.

( To Be Continued) 

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