The “Last Wish ” – A Pure Love Story

“Mom, I don’t want to stay in this hospital. It sucks here. I want to enjoy life. Please let me go.”

“Mukti you know why are you here. So why do you need to risk your own life? ”

“I don’t care. I know I am not going to live more. So why not spend  the last few days happily?”

Just then the nurse came with the tray of food. Seeing the same tasteless food, Mukti moved out slamming the door. She rushed to the terrace of the hospital to cry her heart out. There she saw a boy relishing his pizza. But the boy was wearing hospital clothes which meant he too was a patient.

Without looking behind, the boy felt Mukti’s presence there and said, “Stop weeping now. Come let’s share a pizza. I know you are tired of eating hospital food.”

Mukti went near him and a piece of pizza from his hand, asked, “How do you know I don’t like the food?”

“Because I don’t think anyone can like this food.”

“That’s true.”

Mukti put her hand forward and introduced herself, ”Hello, I am Mukti.”

The boy shook hands with Mukti and said, “What a beautiful name! But that smile cannot be seen on your face. Oh! I forgot to introduce myself. Hi, Shiv here.”

“You can't see this smile on my face because I am in the last stage of lung cancer and having just a few days to live life.”

“If you have a few days to live and it’s the reason you can’t smile that’s a very stupid reason. I am also dying due to leukaemia (blood cancer) but I am smiling right so you can also smile.”

Mukti saw that there was a huge difference between them. Though the only similarity between them was that they both were going to die, but she had lost hope in her life and the smile on her face. On the other hand, Shiv was so cheerful and living his life to the fullest.

But the bitter truth was Shiv was going through this stage of life all alone. He was the son of rich parents who just sent him money without caring about him as they were too busy. He was lonely from inside but he never showed this on his face.

So they both were imperfect and incomplete; one giving up life without enjoying its last days and other battling his own inner demon of loneliness with fake happiness.

“C’mon now I have given my pizza to you. At least smile now, ” Shiv said.

Mukti smiled widely and replied, “Thank you so much Shiv for sharing your pizza with me and also for changing my mood.”

“Oh my God! Wow, I can die for this smile. And yes for that it’s no need. Because I can do anything for you and especially for seeing this kind of smile.”

Actually, Shiv had fallen in love with Mukti when he saw her for the first time arguing with her mom about the lifestyle here. He had eventually decided to change her mood to make her smile. Both of them were in their early twenties one from a middle-class family and always have the support and care of her mother and the other from a rich family with no one giving him attention. Hearing Shiv’s words Mukti blushed a bit.

Shiv took this opportunity and flirted with her, “Let’s make your mood even better so that I can get a wider smile than this.”

Saying this Shiv brought two papers and giving one to Mukti said, “Write down all the wishes that you want to be fulfilled before dying.” They both started writing.

Mukti’s wishes were :

1. To ride a bike

2. To walk on the beach late at night

3. To sleep on the terrace under the stars

4. To go to the club and party all night

5. To have a grand wedding with the love of my life.

Shiv’s wishes were :

1. To meet my parents once before dying

2. To spend time with the parents

3. Have a caring and cute girlfriend.

Mukti and Shiv exchanged their papers. Shiv decided to complete all the wishes of Mukti that were written on that paper.

Seeing at Shiv’s wishes Mukti understood that Shiv was just pretending to be happy but from inside he was struggling to fight isolation from his parents. She thought she had to do something to make Shiv truly happy because she too had started loving Shiv as he had made her immensely happy by changing her perspective towards life. But both of them did not know about each other’s feelings.

Shiv had asked Mukti to meet him at night outside the hospital’s gate. Till then Mukti asked the receptionist of the hospital about Shiv’s parents. The receptionist told Mukti that Shiv was staying alone in this hospital from the time he was diagnosed with cancer. Mukti got the details of Shiv’s Mom’s phone number and talked to her. She made her understand that he was his son no matter whatever happened to him.

Mukti was good at convincing others so Shiv’s mother fell into the trap of Mukti’s words. She assured Mukti that they would come to meet Shiv at the earliest and stay with him to make him feel better. Mukti also told her that not to tell Shiv that she had called and keep it as a surprise.

At night, Mukti sneaked out of her room and sensing no danger, fled away. She saw Shiv waiting for her. Shiv gave her some clothes and told her to change as she was still wearing hospital clothes unlike him. When Mukti came after changing her garments Shiv kept staring at her thinking how attractive and alluring she looked.

“Hey! Why are you gazing at me? Am I looking so bad ?” Mukti asked.

Hearing this Shiv stopped looking at her and said, ”No you are looking sexy and amazing, so I am sorry if I was staring at you. ”

“No, it's okay. Thank you for the compliment. By the way, the choice of dress is yours.”

“I know but I didn’t know that it will look so awesome on you.”

Mukti smiled and blushed a little.

She asked, ”So are we going somewhere or you are going to keep looking at me?”

“I wish I could do that. But for now, you are learning to ride a bike.”

“What!! Why?”

“Because it’s one of your wishes and I have decided to fulfil all of them.”

“Why so?”

“Because you are damn special to me. Now if your questions are over can we concentrate on riding the bike.”

Saying this, Shiv led her to his bike and helped her get it started. He showed her how to ride it and explained in detail everything about it. When Mukti tried her hand at riding, she tripped many times but Shiv saved her. She also got a little cut which made Shiv panic. This showed his caring nature towards her. Under Shiv’s guidance, Mukti learned to ride the bike and took it to the nearest club as Shiv had told her.

“Why are we here Shiv ?” she enquired.

“To fulfil your second wish of partying all night in a club. Now don’t ask any further questions just come along.” They both entered the club and Mukti directly went to the dance floor. All through the night they partied and danced and enjoyed very much.

At about 3 AM in the night, Shiv had to drag Mukti out of the club as Mukti wasn’t ready to leave. Mukti was not in a condition to ride so this time Shiv rode the bike. They reached the hospital and Shiv took Mukti directly to the terrace.

“What the hell are we doing here now, Shiv? I want to sleep. Let me go to my room” Mukti shouted.

Shiv kept his hand on her mouth and told her to shut up. He pointed towards two beds that were laid on the terrace for them and said, “I am fulfilling your third wish of sleeping under the stars.”

Mukti was moved by his dedication towards her wishes. Not in her senses, she said while pulling his cheeks,“ Wow shiv, you are so cute. It is so special and unimaginable. I feel a dream is coming true. But why are there two beds here? We can sleep on one only right. Come now why are you standing there ?” she mumbled moving towards the beds.

Shiv smiled seeing her such cute and childish behaviour. Mukti held his hands and hugged him while they were sleeping on the same bed under the stars. Though Shiv knew Mukti was not in her senses he loved her closeness with him. At the same time, everyone was searching for them at the hospital thinking that they might have run away. But they were in their own different world enjoying wonderful moments under the open sky and stars.

As morning dawned Mukti gave Shiv a morning peck on his cheek and thanked him for the day before. Shiv was astonished by this. This meant Mukti also loved him. After that Mukti quietly crept to her room but her mother caught her.

She shouted, “Do you have any sense? You are coming now. Where were you the whole night? I was so tensed.”

“Mom I was in my dream world fulfilling all my wishes. I am sorry I didn’t tell you but I enjoyed so much.”

Mukti’s mother had never seen her so happy ever after she was diagnosed with cancer. So she didn’t ask her any further questions but felt equally happy as her. Mukti and Shiv had exchanged their numbers so they started chatting on the phone. They met on the terrace at lunchtime. Shiv had brought noodles for Mukti as he knew she hated hospital food.

Mukti was so glad to see this delicious food. Both of them knew that this food which they were eating was unhealthy but they wanted to relish their favourite food before dying. Shiv asked Mukti to meet him in the evening after they had their lunch together.

Within that time Mukti called up Shiv’s mom again to confirm their arrival and she got a positive reply. Shiv had made her so happy she wanted him to be equally happy that could be achieved only if his parents came.

At evening Mukti met Shiv who was dumbstruck seeing her. That day Mukti wasn’t wearing hospital clothes and she was dressed as splendid as ever.

“My God! You are going to make me die someday because of your beauty. You are looking gorgeous,” shiv commented.

Mukti smiled as Shiv kept on praising her. “Enough admiring me now. So what’s the plan for today?” Mukti questioned.

“The plan is completing your last two wishes and also one of my wishes,” Shiv winked.

Mukti knew what he meant. He was going to propose to her that was for sure. But her last wish was the marriage so how was that possible she pondered.

Shiv took her to the beach for completing her fourth wish. They walked along the beach, holding hands and their eyes talking.

After a while, Shiv interrupted the silence and said, “So how are you feeling after completing all your wishes ?” Mukti hugged him and said, “I am having the best time of my life. This feeling of being in your arms is so special.

But by the way, all the wishes are not completed one more is still left.” “Okay. So let’s complete it now. ”

Shiv blindfolded her and carried her in his arms. He had planned everything and was going to propose her in the best way possible. He took her to ground in the middle of the heart made of rose petals. In that place everywhere on the trees, in the sky and also on the ground I LOVE YOU was written.

Shiv opened Mukti’s blindfold and knelt down on his knees and proposed her with a ring.

“You’re the only thing that exists in my world. Everything I do just to see a smile on your face. You have taught me the real meaning of love. You complete me. I want to be with forever and ever. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. WILL YOU MARRY ME?”

Tears welled up in Mukti’s eyes. She was touched by his gesture as he made her feel so special. She hugged him tightly and sobbingly said, “I LOVE YOU TOO BABY AND I AM YOURS AND ONLY YOURS FOREVER. ”

Shiv picked up saying this and the place was lightened up with I Love You wrote everywhere and crackers bursting.

“Shiv, I want to grow old with you. But…”

Shiv put a finger on her lips and said, ”Enjoy the moments at present sweetheart and don’t worry about the future.”

Saying this he slipped the ring on her finger and officially they became a couple. They were immensely pleased as they had found true love. It was the perfect life they both had dreamt about. No one had ever thought that such true love can happen in just two days.

“Love is not about how many days, weeks or months you have been together, it’s all about how much you love each other every day.”

“Shiv, though my last wish was marrying, I have got the love of my life so no need for marriage. And thank you so much for everything. You mean a lot to me.”

“But we are a couple now though not married so your wish is fulfilled. And I can do anything for you to see this wide smiling face. By the way thanks for coming into my life and lightening it up with your love.”

“Yes, I have got all my wishes completed so I don’t fear if death takes me away now.”

“Shut up, don’t speak such things.”

This conversation was going on while they were strolling on the beach at night. All of a sudden Mukti felt giddy and she collapsed. Shiv rushed her to the hospital where she was admitted in the emergency ward. The doctors were trying hard to save her. Mukti’s mother was standing by crying bitterly.

Shiv went there and tried to console her, “Aunty, don’t worry, Mukti will be all right.” Both of them knew this was just a soothing lie.

Mukti had told her everything about Shiv and whatever he had done for her. Mukti’s mother asked, “ Are you Shiv ?”

Shiv nodded.

“Thank you so much for making my daughter happy,” she said.

“Aunty, I am like your son and no mother thanks his son.” Shiv tried hard not to cry but he couldn’t stop as his fear of losing the reason for his life, his love – Mukti was coming true.

Doctors came out with the bad news of Mukti’s death.

For Shiv, his world had come to an end in minutes. He was devastated. He was so shocked that he couldn’t cry. He needed emotional support. Mukti’s mother was also weeping but she was glad that her daughter had enjoyed the last moments of her life.

Shiv rushed to his room and locked himself. He had never thought this would happen. The next morning Shiv’s parents came to meet him at the hospital as they had promised to Mukti. Shiv was too happy to meet them after such a long time though he was broken. But this time the thinking of his parents had changed due to Mukti. His parents comforted him and apologized for their previous mistake. All this while Shiv didn’t know Mukti had called his parents. They talked endlessly as they had so much to tell each other. This made Shiv forget about his hurt. He told his parents about Mukti and him.

At that time his mother said, “Oh ! Mukti. She is one who has called us here by making us understand. I want to meet her. Where is she? ” Hearing this, Shiv started crying and again he had to face the truth of losing her. He was surprised to know that Mukti had called them here to complete his wishes.

“Shiv, why are you crying ?”

“Mom… she WENT FAR AWAY FROM ME forever. She died yesterday leaving me alone in this world. His mom came near him and consoled him, “It happens sometimes. We don’t get what we want.”

Crying his heart out, he hugged his mother and murmured, “She is so unique that even after her death she has completed all my wishes.” Saying this, Shiv too "BREATHED HIS LAST".

Both of them had their own set of wishes and they both completed each other’s wishes.

“Though death made them part, they went up together in heaven and continued their love life which had been started apart. Though they were incomplete and imperfect individually, together they completed each other and had a perfect love story.”

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