The Chandni Chowk Street Food

Street food is the most lovable food by the people! And I'm sure when street food is named gol gappe and tikki is the most common thing which first comes to your mind. And this will surely drool you. The famous street food I tried is of Chandni Chowk Which is situated in the heart of Delhi. Many people do food walk here to explore the hidden gems of yummy food inside the streets.

The famous food joints which I explored at Chandni Chowk are below listed :



These are the oldest and famous street food of Delhi 06.

He is here from 1977. They are hot and spicy too much but totally worth to satisfy your taste buds. And their toppings from aloo and coriander with chutney will give a smile on your face. You can find him near chatta shahji in chawri bazar if you are not able to find him you can ask any native there.

For this spicy atom bomb you have to go there in an early morning because his timings are from 7:30 to 10:30 am. Make sure you reach early there to grab your plate for this delicious chole-kulche.

Rate: 50-100 for two people.

2. Paneer Pakode from Chaina Ram

Paneer pakode who doesn’t love pakode?? These are so tempting and crunchy pakode of chandni chowk. Filled with lots of spices and stuffing. These are so heavy and can’t be easily eaten by a single person. The exact location of chaina ram.

When you are near this shop and pakode is in the kadai you can’t stop yourself to have one in your plate. I must say these pakoda’s will definitely satisfy your taste buds.

The Price is not so high just reasonable rates to fill your hungry tummy.


3. Chole Bhature from Giani Di Hatti

I can bet you can’t say no to this famous chole bhature. A perfect mixed blend of spices in chole are so tempting and finger licking good.The main thing I like this is they are not so spicy and you can eat them by enjoying every bite of this. Bhature is so soft and fluffy and less in oil. This will be the best option for you taking it in your breakfast or making it your evening scenes. So,what are you waiting for guys?? Go and grab your plate.


4. Bedmi Puri & Nagori Halwa from Shyam Sweets

Aloo puri is the first choice of many people for their breakfast. In Indian culture, it is most preferred Indian food by the folks!! When Delhi 06 street food is on the list so how can I forget the mouth watery bedmi puri and aloo sabji from shyam sweets. He is located near the exit of metro station chawri bazar near gate no3. When I visited, I was in a long queue and waiting for my turn meanwhile I was watching the puri’s in the kadhai and they were drooling me. When I got my plate I just wanted to eat that. The first bite is giving you the pleasure of all the spices and the rich taste is just amazing. The sabji is so fresh and bedmi puri is crispy and crunchy. I visited here 3-4 times and whenever I go there I always found  crowd at this shop, along with this they have too many options of sweets in their shop.

After having this in my breakfast I tried nagori halwa which is a famous sweet option from here. They look like halwa is filled in a golgappa.It is made from jaggery (gudd) . It’s must try sweet I advise you, after taking one bite it will start melting in your mouth and rich, smooth texture of halwa will make you fan of this.

When you visit next time in chawri bazar don’t forget to try here once.


5. Jalebi Rabri from Old Jalebi Wala

This jalebi remember’s me the jalebi which I ate in gohana which is very famous there. But the size is not that much bigger than that, this jalebi has each and every quality which you want for satisfaction. The equal amount of sugar, totally juicy and crispy it was. The main thing I like in this jalebi was its thickness was in the right amount and totally crunchy jalebi it is. After topping of rabri on jalebi is working like icing on the cake. If I talk about rabri than that was also good but I don’t like that much because jalebi was just heaven. I enjoyed and highly recommend.

6. Golgappe from Ashok Chat Bhandar

Who doesn’t love gol gappe?? They are every girl’s first love. Well, ashok chat bhandar is in chawri bazar and he has the best gol gappe, dahi balle in chandni chowk. Every time I visit here they do not dissapoint me and their tase and quality is always best. Fresh and hygeine always.The exact location is No.3611,Chowk Chawri BazarMetro Station, Hauz Qazi, Chandni Chowk.They are not only good in just golgappe they also have delicious and soft dahi bhalle and crispy tikki hich is just finger licking good. It’s a must try when you are here.


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