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David and Aishani are the epitome of the word 'Couple Goals'. When David and Aishani finish their 4 years of dreadful Engineering degree, they get a job in the same company. But there is just one more obstacle. Aishani still had to clear the DSP exam. People called it Degree stopping paper for a reason. Fall in love with this sweet and romantic love story where David and Aishani go beyond measures just so they could stay together.


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Seven hours had passed since the incident at the canteen. David was still shaken by the incident. He kept hearing Akshay's words "She won't be there for you every time!" repeatedly. Several thoughts started crossing through his mind. He was not able to think straight. In the meantime, Aishani was all filled up with the excitement of standing up to a bully, that she forgot entirely about the exam next day. She was filled with pride but knew David was not in the best of shape. For she knew David better than anyone.


She called David. David saw that his phone was ringing but did not pick it up, seeing that it was Aishani. He thought that she was going to brag about her exploits with Akshay. Aishani did not give up and kept calling repeatedly. David did not pick up the call. Aishani knew that David was upset and she had to do something about it.


She started her Dio up and drove it to David's house. David's parents did not know that he loved a Hindu girl. So she has never entered his house. She honked the horn three times as it was their usual signal. David did not come out. She tried honking again. This time they were longer horns.


David still did not come out. "How arrogant is this idiot ?" she thought. She parked the Dio at the side.


David's room was on the first floor. She picked up a few stones from the ground and started throwing them at David's window. Few stones managed to fall into the room. Even then, there was no response from David. Aishani got angry. "How dare he!" she thought frustratedly. But she did not want to give up.


She saw a pipe going up near David's window. She grabbed a hold of the pipe and climbed slowly to the first floor. Since his parents were in the house, she silently crept into his room through the window without making any noise. David was sound asleep. "Only 6 PM and the idiot is sleeping like it's 11." she thought.


She picked his bat up and thought of waking him up with it. Just then, she saw his face. He was hugging his pillow like it was Aishani. "How cute. Such a big teddy bear!" she thought. This was the first time she saw David sleep. She lied near him and faced him closing her eyes. She opened her phone and took a selfie as though both had dozed off together. She then turned around and wrapped his arms around her. She held his hands tight and saw how perfect their fingers were intertwined together. She loved the silence as all she could hear was his heartbeat.


Even after knowing each other for thirteen years, they had never kissed. They always wanted to save it for the right moment.


"This certainly isn't the right moment for him but it is the most awesome moment ever in my life." she thought.


"The first kiss will always be special." she thought. She was scared. She held his hands.


She closed her eyes and gently leaned to him. Her lips so close to his. It was the most perfect moment in her life. She held his hands tight and squeezed them in excitement. David woke up suddenly.


"Aaaaaarrrrgggghhhh" he shouted in fear. Seeing him shout, she too started shouting.


"David!! Is everything alright?" his mom shouted from downstairs.


"Nothing Ma! Watching a scary movie!" he shouted.


Aishani started beating him for calling her a scary movie.


"Why didn't you pick up my call?" she asked.


"Shhh! Don't talk too loud. What the hell are you doing here?" he asked.


"I wanted to see you baby!" she told.


"Aishu! Not funny. What if you had got caught? What if you had fallen down?" he asked worriedly.


"I told Akshay we would always be together. I wanted to be with you baby!" she said naughtily.


"Enough with the romance! Why are you here? You have your exam tomorrow. Remember?" he asked.


Aishani held her hands above her head.


"Oh God! I forgot about the bloody exam!!", she shouted, realizing only now that it was already 6.30 PM and she hadn't studied even a single question.


"Yeah. Go study. I'm busy." he said.


She wanted to but she saw that something was disturbing David. She knew he was affected by the incident. She needed him to help her study. Only if she knew David was alright, she would have the peace of mind to study, but will that happen?


It was already 6:30 PM the day before the degree stopping exam. Only 14 hours were left for the exam. Aishani hadn't completed her syllabus. David was in a bad state of mind. Both were dejected. Aishani wanted to cheer him up because David was more important to her than the exam.


"Why are you dejected now? What can I do to make you smile?" she asked him.


"Just leave me alone! I can take care of myself!" he said.


"You know I can't do that!" she said holding his hands.


"I need to become brave!" he said, bowing his head down in distress.


"You are!" she affirmed.


"You know that I'm the biggest coward in the world right?" he asked.


"Let's make you brave then!" she said.


She held his hands and pulled him. "Come on! Let's sneak outside!"


"Now?? My parents would hear us. No!" he said.


"This is your chance to be brave. Trust me.", she said.


David nodded his head. They both sneaked out through the window and climbed down.


"What should I say to my parents when I go back?" he asked.


"That's the fun part," she smirked and started running.


"Where are you running? Wait!" he shouted running behind her.


They ran across the street and went to the park. This was David's first time sneaking out of his house. Since they meet every day at college, they have been on only seven dates in the last thirteen years. This was their eighth. They stopped at a Pani Poori shop and started competing who would eat more.


Aishani knew she could win the competition easily, but stopped eating to make David win. He knew what Aishani was doing but played along and won. They walked in the park for some time and sat down on a bench together and started chatting. Then, David opened his phone. Aishani plucked it out of his hand because they had a deal of not using their phones when they were together.


"Let's play a song!" he said.


"God No!! Not that French song you keep listening to!" she said.


"La vie en rose is the greatest love song ever. Idiots like you will never understand it!" he said rolling his eyes.


"Okay!! Let's make a deal. Dance with me for any of my favorite songs. Then I'll accept that your song is better!" she said, thinking he wouldn't accept the deal.


"Deal! Which song?" he asked.


"My favorite!" she winked.


David played Shiela Ki Jawani on his phone. They both started dancing slow. Suddenly David picked up speed and started dancing just like Katrina. Aishani fell on the floor laughing. This was the first time she saw him dance. He was having the time of his life.


"Okay! Okay! Stop!!" Aishani shouted. She was struggling for words in the midst of her laughter.


Suddenly it started drizzling mildly. David picked his phone up and stopped the song. Everyone in the park started running for shelter.


"Let's go! It's raining!" he shouted.


Aishani picked the phone and kept it below the bench and winked at him. 'La vie en rose' started playing on the phone. She lent her hands to him and he picked her up. He lifted his hands asking for hers. She held his hands tight. He held her back with the other hand. Looking into each other's eyes, they started dancing. Their lips smiled on their own. It was just like in those old love films.


Lost in the calming melody of the song, they both closed their eyes. They moved closer to each other. Their hearts felt empty without the burdens of the exam or the canteen incident. The moment was filled with pure love and they both felt it. David leaned forward and kissed Aishani. After thirteen years of knowing each other, David and Aishani had their first kiss in the middle of the park, under the drizzling rain, with 'La vie en rose' to play in the background.


"Is that you David?" a voice shouted from a distance.


David recognized the voice. It was his nagging neighbor Mr.Rakesh who was always concerned about his love life. They both ran away from the park hiding from him. They both reached back to David's house.


"Thank God you woke up today. Or else, our first kiss would have been in your dirty room," she said, laughing.


They both laughed. All it took was a romantic evening, the green park, some Pani Poori, a mild drizzle, a romantic dance and a special kiss to make her change his mind.


"La vie en rose will forever be my favorite song from now on!", she said.


"I love you", she said.


"I love you more!" he winked back.


David went back to his house, thinking about the eventful day he just had. He felt lucky to have Aishani. He thought about how Aishani was there for him physically when he was being threatened by Akshay. He thought how Aishani was there for him mentally when he was dejected about his bravery. He remembered all the times when Aishani was there for him in his life. He wanted to do something back for Aishani.


Just then, he saw the clock and it was already 10.30 PM. There were only ten more hours left and there was no way for Aishani to complete the syllabus. David decided that this was his chance to be there for her. He planned on stealing the question paper secretly from the college, to help Aishani study for the exam. But how will David be able to do that impossible task?


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  • Raviteja Nekkalapu says:

    Beautiful is a very small word to comment. I actually fell in love with both David and aishani. Awaiting eagerly for the next episode.