Couple Goals | Episode 3

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David and Aishani are the epitome of the word 'Couple Goals'. When David and Aishani finish their 4 years of dreadful Engineering degree, they get a job in the same company. But there is just one more obstacle. Aishani still had to clear the DSP exam. People called it Degree stopping paper for a reason. Fall in love with this sweet and romantic love story where David and Aishani go beyond measures just so they could stay together.


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It was the intense night before the day of the exam. Only ten hours were left for the DSP exam. Aishani started planning her study schedule. "Two hours per unit and I am DONE!" she thought. She opened the book and started studying. Meanwhile, David was planning on stealing the question paper from the college. The question papers were usually kept inside a room called the Exam Cell. Since David had some friends who stayed in the college hostel, he asked them if he would be able to steal the college stamp from the office so that they wouldn't doubt.


From the information that he gathered, he found there were 7 watchmen for the entire college, each guarding the seven buildings in the college. The Exam Cell was present in the second building from the entrance. Since it was exam time, the Exam Cell was guarded by the hostel warden. He usually slept on the waiting bench near the office room. It was raining heavily and the tension was sky high. This was about to be the bravest thing David had ever done in his life. He wore black clothes just like the burglars so that he could hide in the dark. He took a rope and some other handy tools for his biggest venture.


He started his bike and drove it to the college. Since it was raining heavily, the roads were empty and dark. The crickets’ sounds made sure he could not think properly. He could hear the sound of a dog howling from far away. To make matters worse, there were heavy thunders and flashes of lightning. But all David could hear loud and clear was his own heartbeat.


David reached the road near his college. He parked his bike behind a tree and got down. His legs were trembling and he was not sure whether it was the cold rains or his fear and anxiety. "This is it!" he thought. "No this isn't. Run away!!" said another voice in his mind. After a long fight with his own conscience, he decided he would do this no matter what for Aishani. It was already 11.30 PM and the clock was ticking. He climbed the fence slowly. He carefully stepped over the forks in the fence. The fence was almost 2 meters high.


He jumped from the fence. But his bag got stuck in the forks of the fence wire and he was left hanging by his bag. Unfortunately, his neck was stuck between the straps of his bag. The clanging sound of the fence was so loud and he thought everything was over by then. Fortunately, the guards did not hear him. David was hanging on the fence, struggling for his breath. He tried unhooking his bag but he couldn't because of his weight.


He was almost out of breath and everything started turning blue. He lifted his hands up blindly trying to find the strap. After some struggle, he managed to loosen the shoulder straps. The strap broke and David fell inside. The bag fell on the other side of the wall. He looked at his watch. It was already 12. He didn't want to waste any more time. So he left the bag outside and went in without his tools.


He had to cross the first building. His clothes were wet and he was already very cold. He got a few scratches on his skin from the fall off the fence. He did not want to pass through the ground, past the three buildings because the chances of him being seen were high. He remembered suddenly that there was a ladder in the terrace of the first building. But he had to go through a guard to get to the terrace. He carefully climbed the stairs without making any sound. There was no sign of the guard anywhere.


He went up to the top floor and was relieved he did not get caught by the guard. He silently went to the stairs and started climbing up to the terrace. Suddenly he heard the sound of a tumbler falling from the stairs. The guard was at last on the stairs. David was frozen in fear and could not move. He stood still waiting for the impending danger. But he could not hear any footsteps. He went up the steps in the slowest way possible only to find that the guard was sleeping at the end of the stairs, under the shade in the terrace. He walked past the guard without making any noise and went to the terrace. He found the ladder but he did not know what to do with it. Since the guard was sleeping at the doorway of the terrace, there was no way he could carry the ladder past the guard.


It was still raining heavily and the time was 12.15 AM. He picked up the ladder and carried it to the wall of the building. He laid the ladder flat so that the other end rested on the second building. He planned on using the ladder as a bridge so that he could get to the next building. Unfortunately, he had left his rope behind in his bag. He had no other way but to walk through the ladder. It was already raining and everything was slippery. But he did not want to give up for Aishani. He sat on each log of the ladder and closed his eyes so that he wouldn't look down. Finally, he managed to cross the ladder and reach the next building.



The exam cell was on the second floor. Hence David had to go through two more floors. But the problem was that there was a guard and the hostel warden guarding right outside the Exam Cell. He climbed down the stairs steadily without making any noise. He moved slowly so that there wasn't any sound. As soon as he stepped down and reached the third floor, he could hear the footsteps of the guard. David entered into panic mode. He started running on his toes and ran into a classroom and hid under the bench until the guard passed him. Finally, after making sure that the guard went up to the fourth floor, he went down to the second floor.


David hid near the door of one of the classrooms on the second floor. The hostel warden was sitting right outside the door, completing the Sudoku puzzle from the Hindu newspaper that day. David waited for a chance of the warden going somewhere else. Only then, he could sneak into the Exam Cell and get the question paper. Meanwhile, the guard on the first building finally woke up from his sleep. He went down to drink some tea.


As he was climbing down the stairs, he slipped down and fell. Only then, he noticed that he had slipped from the water on the floor. It was David's footprints. The guard took out his phone and called the hostel warden. Terrified on hearing what had happened, the hostel warden started running to the first building. He also called the remaining guards and all the guards started searching the first building.


David used this chance and finally entered into the Exam Cell. He was finally relieved that he went in. He was still shivering from the cold. He saw that the time was 1.30 AM. He started searching for the question paper. He couldn't control himself as his hands were shaking in fear. He opened the desk and found the envelope. He calmed himself down so that he could open the envelope without tearing it so that he could paste it back. Suddenly, a huge sound roared from his pocket. It was his ringtone. David started jumping in fear as he could not get the phone out of his pocket.


Finally, he managed to pick it out of his packet. It was Aishani. He cut the call off and turned it to the silent mode. He started praying that no one else heard his phone. Suddenly, he felt a hand on his shoulder. There was someone else in the room and David did not notice that person. All his hopes crashed. He had no idea about the consequences of stealing a question paper.


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