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David and Aishani are the epitome of the word 'Couple Goals'. When David and Aishani finish their 4 years of dreadful Engineering degree, they get a job in the same company. But there is just one more obstacle. Aishani still had to clear the DSP exam. People called it Degree stopping paper for a reason. Fall in love with this sweet and romantic love story where David and Aishani go beyond measures just so they could stay together.


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Meanwhile, Aishani was studying in her room. It was already three hours since she started studying. Nothing was going according to her plan. She managed to complete only two questions in three hours. "Now I am going to study the five units in five hours and sleep. One unit per hour!" she sighed. She knew that it was an impossible task without David. She picked up her phone and called David. David was inside the Exam Cell at that moment. David started jumping in fear as he could not get the phone out of his pocket.


Finally, he managed to pick it out of his packet. It was Aishani. He cut the call off and turned it to the silent mode. He started praying that no one else heard his phone. Suddenly, out of nowhere, he felt a hand on his shoulder. There was someone else in the room and David did not notice that person. All his hopes crashed. He had no idea about the consequences of stealing a question paper. He turned around slowly, closing his eyes.


"Dude! What the hell are you doing here?", a voice said.


David opened his eyes shocked. It was Akshay. "What are you doing here? I'm here for the question paper!" David replied.


Akshay started laughing. "I have the question paper in my hands. What were you searching for in that envelope?" Akshay asked.


David facepalmed. "Come on! Let's take the question paper and put a photocopy!" David urged.


"What is the use of scoring such high marks if you are so dumb in the end? Let's take photos. No need of photocopy." Akshay said.


"Okay! I guess you are pretty experienced in this. I'll take a pic in mine!" he said and took pictures of the question paper. He sent them to Akshay as well.


"Do you have any plan for getting out?" he asked Akshay.


"I've already paid the hostel warden. Don't worry! Let's go!" Akshay replied. He then sent a message to the warden that he was getting out. They both stepped out and saw if anyone was there. The warden made sure  all the guards were busy searching the first building. The path was clear for them to escape. They both ran back slowly to the fence. Akshay bent down and David climbed on his back and climbed the fence easily. Akshay climbed the fence with ease.


David was finally relieved. "Thanks man!" he said and ran to his bike. "You're a pretty cool guy for nerd. You forgot your bag by the way!" Akshay said.


David took his bag and rode back. It was 2 AM already. David rode straight to Aishani's house. He reached there by 2.30 AM and there were only four hours more for the exam. He crept into her window and went to her room as usual. Aishani was studying in her room. She was upset because David did not pick her call up. David went in and started dancing.


"What are you doing here?" Aishani asked as she was shocked to see David there.


"Aishu! You're gonna kiss me again if I tell you what I have in my hand!" he said.


"I really doubt that. I am upset with you!" she said.


"Aishu! I have the DSP question paper with me now!!" he said.


Aishani wasn't surprised. "I already have it with me. Now buzz off!" she said.


David was puzzled. "What?" he asked.


"Yeah! I downloaded it an hour ago from" she replied.


"There's a website for that? He is such an idiot!!" David said. He was frustrated.


"Yeah! Only now you know that? He uploads questions for all the exams on the night before! You passed eight semesters without knowing this?" she asked.


David face palmed now. " Now I am really ashamed that you're my boyfriend!" she said. David explained the whole story to Aishani. She was shocked. "What would have happened if you got caught?" she asked him angrily.


"That didn't matter to me. I wanted to do this for you!" he said. Aishani now felt how bad David wanted her to pass the exam. "I'm going to pass this exam for you!" she said. They both sat down, determined and started studying for the exam. They managed to complete most of the questions from the question paper.


The whole night passed in an instant. Aishani went and wrote the exam the next day. David was waiting outside for Aishani. After three long hours, the bell rang and everyone started coming out from the exam hall. Aishani came out smiling in joy. David was happy to see her happy. "Finally, the degree stopping paper did not stop my dear from getting her degree!" he thought.


"So, how was the exam?" he asked her.


"I hope I don't get zero marks." she said.


"But we studied the whole night! Did you sleep in there? What are you saying?" he asked.


"Apparently, some idiot left footprints in the first building yesterday night it seems. So they changed the question paper!" she replied.


David fell on his knees. He held both his hands on his head. "Aishu! I'm that idiot" he said. Aishani started giggling. "What are you laughing at?" he asked. The giggling turned into loud laughter. "You're the cutest idiot I've seen!" she said, falling on the floor, still laughing. David realizing the entire blunder in his side, joined with her and started laughing too. That evening, they both went back to the canteen. Aishani still could not control her laughter.


"What are you so happy about? You just failed again!" David asked her.


"I just realized something!" she said. "I found out the extent to which you love me!" she continued. "We always thought love was being together the whole time. But it's not. Love is not about staying together. It is how much we fight to stay together. How much we put each other before ourselves, even if it means being a cute idiot like you!" she said.


"Love is all about losing yourself even when you know you would be lost forever!" David replied.


David and Aishani knew that day, that they would do anything for each other. They found what depths their love could go for. They no longer worried if they would be separated from each other. They no longer worried if they worked in the same company. In their hearts, they knew they would always be together and to what extent they were willing to fight for each other.


In the end, that is all that matters. If you are fortunate enough to find someone, who is willing to go to any extent and fight for you to be together, hold on to them forever and never let them go.

( The End of Series "Couple Goals" )

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