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Fluid Art Workshop Hyderabad | 30 Sep 18

Fluid painting is a fun art technique that uses thin paints to create one of a kind pieces without traditional brushwork. Paint is applied to a canvas by pouring, sprinkling, or other dynamic methods. The artist Namrata Varma has taken the workshop for 13 participants.

The Venue: Nritya Forum For Performing Arts, 3, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, India.

Art Talk Hyderabad | 19 Aug 18

The Art Talk is all about meeting different artists in one place and to know about their art styles. The beginners learned much useful knowledge from the artists. In total, 11 artists of different artistic background and self - taught artists have participated in this event. They explained their artistic journey to the visitors and the art lovers loved the collection of amazing artists in one place. The event went well even on the rainy day and art lovers didn't stop themselves to meet the artists.

The participants of the event are:      1. Eesha Sharma (Galaxy Mandala & doodle Artist) 2. Namrata Varma (Fluid Artist) 3. Deepak Vijay (Abstract & contemporary Artist)  4. Uma Maheshwari (Mandala Artist) 5. Neha Verma (Charcoal & acrylic Artist) 6. Vijaya Mohan (Mrunal Artist)  7. Vinitha (Micro Artist) 8. Nikhil Dussa (Pencil Sketch portrait Artist) 9. Snigdha Munipally (Doodle Artist)  10. Tejo Guna (Doodle Artist ) 11. Rajat Prajapati (Pen & Ink Artist )

The Venue: Nritya Forum For Performing Arts, 3, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, India.

Zentangle Doodle Art Workshop  Pune | 15 Jul 18

The Comprehensive Zentangle Doodle Art Workshop is conducted by Zentangle Doodle Artist Dr.Preet Soni from Pune, India. This is an Intensive Zen Art Course designed to help you start from Ground Zero. At the end of the workshop, the participants are able to compose their own individually styled Zentangle Art Pieces. This form of Art teaches Patterning, Planning & drawing Dexterity.

The Venue: Studio Pepperfry, Ground Floor, Bedi House, Near Starbucks, N Main Rd, Koregaon Park, Pune.

Art Exhibit Hyderabad | 20 May 18

Hyderabad Art Exhibition is all about the artists from different backgrounds and art styles have participated in the event. It was an eye feast to the art lovers who want to explore a collection of amazing artworks in one place. The Artists from different background exhibit their talent to the art lovers of the Hyderabad.

The participants are:  1.Snigdha Munipally (Doodle Artist) 2.Sudha Kasinadhuni (Acrylic  Artist) 3.Jahnavi Gkr (Realism & Acrylic Artist) 4.Chaitanya Deepti (Mandala Artist)  5.Sai Yaswitha Raavi ( Mandala Artist) 6.Amtul Nayeem (Oil Painting Artist) 7.Manoj Tarun (Pencil Sketch Portrait Artist) 8.MC Munna (Pencil Sketch Portrait Artist) 9.Deepak Vijay (Abstract & Contemporary Artist) 10.Swati Mohanty (Abstract Doodle Artist) 11.Raksha Jesrani (Acrylic Artist)  12.Prerika Arora (Mandala & Doodle Artist) 13.Vishala Visma (Madhubani Artist) 14.Uma Maheshwari (Mixed & Mandala Artist) 15.Simon Sinha (Realistic Pencil Sketch Portrait Artist)  16.Laharika Reddy Sama (Abstract Painting Artist).

The Venue: Lamakaan, Off-Road No. 1, Banjara Hills, Opposite GVK One, Hyderabad.

Stippling Art Workshop Hyderabad | 29 Apr 18

Stippling Art Workshop is conducted by the Stippling Artist Nitya Sreedhara. The participants of the Hyderabad are enthusiastic to learn this new art style and the 3 hours went like a minute. In this art workshop, the artist Nitya introduced the stippling art to the participants and also basic steps to learn this art style. The participants carried the worksheets to their homes to learn them and carry the fun! The participants of all the ages have taken part in this event. Even kids are participated in the workshop and shown extreme interest in learning this one of a kind art style.

The Venue: Hotel GreenPark, 7-1-26, Greenlands, Begumpet, Hyderabad.