Love at First Sight || Sharanya Krishnan

Love At First Sight


   Irritated with the bunch of upcoming exams and a mountain of assignments yet to be completed, she sat on the settee with a thud. She was completely vexed about the fact that she had loads of work yet to complete but her body wouldn’t budge since every joint was aching and longing for rest. She was also annoyed with Mama. “What she does is keep shouting at me. Asking me to study all the time. Isn’t it my life? Shouldn’t I enjoy?” , she thought.  Determined to finish her homework and the pending classwork since she never attended classes and spent more than half of her class hours in the canteen reviewing Jane, the canteen chef’s food. She searched the untidy pile of books for her science journal. While ransacking her own cupboard she came across an old album. This album lit up her face like how Hindu houses are lit up with traditional diyas during Diwali, the Indian festival of lights.


She opened the photo album. The first picture showed her happy Mama and Papa holding a newborn baby in their hands with tears of joy. It was her. They held her in their hand as though they were in possession of the Kohinoor Diamond. She felt a rush of warmth all across her body. The next few pictures had a night backdrop which featured her crying as though someone had beat her black and blue and Mama carrying her and walking from one end of the room to another. “Mama would have had so many sleepless nights because of me.”, she thought.


The next picture was that taken at a party. It consisted of Mama’s sisters and some other relatives dancing happily. But Mama wasn’t there. How could Mama leave her cranky baby at home and go to a party? She smiled as she turned the pages. The following pictures showed the first day she crawled, walked and spoke and all these pictures also had Mama hugging her. One thing she noticed throughout, was that all the pictures had different people embracing her as a kid. But all the pictures without fail did have one figure. The figure who had been her pillar of support. No. Not even dad was there in all the pictures.


But mom was. Mama had even cleaned her pee and poop without the slightest disgust and she spoke to her since the day she came in her tummy and never felt awkward about it because Mama knew that she would understand everything she’d say. And it was to such a woman that she had spoken so rudely. She knew that she had hurt Amma’s feelings. Amma never liked it when she called her Mama but all her classmates called their Moms ‘Mom’ or ‘Mama’, so she accepted it. But today she took a resolution that she’d do only what Amma liked and would never hurt her.


She would fulfill all her dreams and make her proud of having a daughter like her. She would work hard and accomplish such a position where people would respect her mother more than herself and give all the credits to her mother’s way of bringing her up. Honestly, she had never told her mom that she loved her. It was just so difficult. But today she would do it. She’d tell her “I love you Amma and I thank you for all what you have done for me” giving her a big hug.

If you also haven’t told your Mom how much you love her, tell her now itself! This moment. Because you never know.. It may become too late.


I believe in love at first sight because I have loved my mom since I opened my eyes.

Matha Pitha Guru Deivam


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A Keralite writer who is an aspiring writer and poet. She uses her writings to express the viewpoint on things that come across in her life.

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