Misbah | Modern Art Artist

1) Greetings from Unekha, can we have your brief Introduction?
Hi, I 'm Misbah of class 12 student from Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. I'm a commerce student. Allah gives me a precious talent that is I'm an Artist. But I don't call myself as an artist perfect because I have to learn about all types of art  for callng me an perfect artist. I love to do painting it's my passion and I want to become a famous artist.

2) When did you discover your talent? Is it Your Hobby or Passion?
It's my Passion. I have discovered my talent at the age of 16.

3)what kind of style do you follow? will you explain to us? 
A modern style art and which I can paint it.

4) How much time do you devote for this in a single day?
I spend 4 or 5 hours regularly.

5) Who is your source of inspiration?
My sister and Artist Raana Nasir IG /@art_folio_

6)what kind of difficulties have you been through? Did your friends and family supports you?
Not having too much money, I have to face lots of difficulties but my friends and family support me a lot and just because of them I'm here today.

7) who featured you for the first time?
IG / @wethewomenindia

8) What do you feel when people tell you about your talent and how do you react to hate comments?
I feel so happy about that when some say you have a great talent at this age and they shocked by it that I'm good at painting but I choose commerce side. when someone passes the bad comment then I just keep silent and told to me that " wait for the year they will introduce me to another person and say " hey look at her she is my friend. '

9) So far how was your journey going? 
Still, I'm just on 1 step and its look sooo far.

10)Now as we know about your talent, what are your achievements and how did it feel?  
I got 1 st prize in an art competition at the age of  10, the second time I got the 1st prize at the age of 16 with certificates from my school,  1 more prize from IG/@wethewomenindia

11)Other than this, what other activity do you like to do the most?

I do Photography and craft activities.

12) what do you want our viewers to know about hardship, any tips? 
Just Never Give Up.

Artworks of Misbah