On Love And Depression – A Collection Of Emotions

We've survived so many events and situations in life that we didn't really get the time to think them over in our heads - what happened - why did they happen. In the blink of an eye life turns its course and you, inevitably, follow life's trail. 'On Love and Depression' consists of poems which are after-thoughts of several failed loves and a verbal portraiture - a confession - of the many downs that haunt us throughout every relationship - the compulsory loneliness and the ever-growing hunger for a successful and intimate bonding with people.

It intricately describes the nuances in the mind of a lonely person occasionally suffering from Depression. As love's grip loses its hold on people, they slip into the rabbit hole of ever haunting loneliness and dejection - the poems are a manifestation of the stages of emotional development of lovelorn individuals - but mostly a strong evocation of the compelling loneliness that has become the shadow of this generation.


1. The End Heralded New Beginnings



leaves a mark,

a violent imprint –


of precious transience,

and sweet infidelities


love leaves lovingly -

stealthily but alarmingly –


love’s last droughts have been drunk –

but the taste lingers

on pale lips –

forgotten fingertips

and in hearts – still crisp

from desires’ burn.



2. The Other Demon Paves Its Way 



Can you visualize


tender afflictions

of the soul

screeching through the night –


the frail branches

of insanity

tapping gently

against rain lacquered

window panes,

in the silent hours

of the night


the black hole intensifies –

you open the window

to the sodden grounds

of the festered soul


a droplet slyly falls

from the wet dark boughs,

splintered into


as it kisses the



the minuscule droplets

caress your heaving chest –

the storms’ over

but mine

has just begun.



3. A Mind Gently Rots In The Darkness


The sadness of the

bygone days

stick to you

like a flabby mass of gluten –

an aftermath of

too much suffering

and a little too many


they jiggle to reality

every time you start

moving on –

the crepuscular years linger

in the areas embalmed with light –


sadness has become

a necessity,

and happiness an option.


what we do not realize

are that sandcastles

are meant to be devoured –


the sea is sadder

than us.


4. A New Day, A New Fall


The tender joints

of your bones –

they melt –


the ribs –

they cave in -

like melting wax

they drip –


the cages are open now –

the heart

can breathe,

can have its own life now –

outside the skeletal prison


let it move, then –

for someone new –


let it find for itself

a new Prison.


5.  A shallow Vision


Our vision is limited

to our skins –

the flesh,

the veins beneath –

leaving blue-green trails.


do you see beneath it –

strip my skin open –

within the pale,

semi-circular bars

thrives a frail beast –

hunting for love –

it beats now

but stops when it sees

it’s prey.


there’s a reason

why we lose.

our souls sleep – hibernating

in the winter of our hearts –

you won’t find it

in perfect snapshots of our existence –


the soul breathes in between pulses –

it sees

when our eyes are closed –

it glides its fingers

across our backs

when we are about to fall –

it glances at broken things

as if they were itself –

look at me

with eyes closed –

fill my empty pulses

with your raging ones –

weave me a future

with the happy parts of reality –

tear my flesh apart –

take a glimpse at my soul –



future –


empty & emptying.


6. Back To The Original State Of Existence


Head to toe

filled with



I’ve found wilderness

in my loneliness


the haunting seconds drip –

they slip

they slap

then they peep

to see me suffering

from unworthiness.


seconds before I was full -

seconds after -  empty.

this haunting life drips

it slips

it slaps

and seeks –


head to toe

filled with


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