Rigu – The Compilation Of Real Life Experiences | Episode 2

About the Series

This series has compiled the very common thoughts and struggle stories of teenagers, through memories and voice of a girl who is a keen observer and an introvert. The reason I felt beatific while writing these episodes were its transparency, an erk and a desire to touch the hearts of youths. The girl who is narrating the story holds her own deep story about all of it and why she is so much concerned about youths. Her story would be revealed probably at the end.

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Episode - 2 The Pretty Thing ( Part - 1 )

Whenever I look at this girl, my mind plays only one song "P.Y.T(Pretty Young Thing)" by Michael Jackson. Salvi was the prettiest girl in our class. She became my great friend during the initial days of 8th grade when both of us somehow lost our old girl-partners, with whom we used to sit in earlier standards.

Salvi has these rose like red lips which rested on her pale and white face, as beautiful as the moon, with the complexion, nowhere near to Asiatic! She was not even a Muslim. Am I being racist? Godamnit! No! Not at all.

People around me have always told me that Bihari is ugly and Muslim is beautiful. Is it so? It's such a cliché. Here, I just want to highlight the fact that no one can be judged on the basis of their background as pretty or ugly. A human- that's what you are; an individual. That's what she was too.

No doubt, she remained the prettiest girl in our group but that doesn't define true beauty. That doesn't define here background.

Coming back to Salvi, Her eyes were light brown, owl-like with long inky eyelashes. Her nose was pointed and cute like a Barbie doll. She was an epitome of fine-looking, gorgeous young lady according to the beauty norms constructed by our society. Also, her height was around 5' ft'. She just looked perfect kind of lady a typical guy might desire of. She was little, beautiful and adorable, with good command over her language, coolish and good-natured.

And she still looks so; in fact, even more, "Beautiful-er".

Going back to the past, I remember, how she had always remained so very friendly but at the same time, extremely dependent on others.

"Hey, Rigs. I want to tell you something." She said in an apprehensive tone.

I recall, how she was always scared to speak about love to me. Probably because I didn't like cupids and their love shots. The idea of "Falling in love" has remained problematic for me.

At that time, I also used to think like, "We are too small to understand what's true love." But her talks were always dominated by guys.

I grinned.

"Yup. Continue Sal." I used to call her Sal, affectionately.

She sat beside me. I closed the windows opened on my desktop and gazed at her, with my heart and mind, completely calm. I already sensed her upcoming words.

"Kales called me yesterday." She said looking at her fingers and brows intertwined, trying not to face me.

"Darn! You told me you both broke up." I just said, for the sake of showing concern to her. Indeed, I was bothered, for sure though.

"Yaa. But he called me yesterday around 1 at night. I was weeping on the phone." She said holding back her distress.

"Yaar Salvi. Why?" Now my calmness began to shiver a bit.

"You know I cannot live without him. It's like. As sudden as he had said goodbye... As suddenly he had come back, like, like after a thunderous rain, amidst the lighter drops, the sun arrives with a rainbow to say 'sorry' to the sky as it had hidden and made it cry." She started the typical lover things again and she said this in one go!

You know for a person who isn't really interested in love stories, it's always hard to swallow such lovey-dovey stuff. I relaxed my mind.

"See dear. It's great that he had said sorry but what if he will leave you again? You only told me that he already had 18 girlfriends before. You are still in 10th grade and he is in the 3rd year of his graduation! You never know if he is having fun with any other girl. You are not going to his college, to keep a check on him!  You only have words. That too at times on phone just!"

Salvi sobbed a bit.

"Yes. I know. But I know he can never leave me. I trust him. See I told you he will be back and he is. Also, do you know he got into a fight with Aki." She was annoyed with my words.

"Oh, that chap! You still talk to him?"

I groaned, rolling my eyes.

"Yaa. But only on Whats-App. He is cheesy at times but he knows and understands me. But when I told Kales about Aki, he got crazy..." She continued.

Pretty! Pity her. I thought, still trying to comprehend her.

"Whatever," I mumbled. I used to get fed up sometimes with her stories. But I can't see a beautiful talented youth getting crumbled. All these years I have always been by her side. How could l can I step back now? I thought.

"I know. You don't like him Rigs. But..."

She said looking down, at her royal blue skirt. She was weeping.

"Oh, Sal. Who told you that? Nope. I don't say he is wrong. He had never tried to take any advantage of you when you were so innocent...He never tried to manipulate you in any way. But the thing is- he is building up his future and alongside, constructing four walls for you telling you 'you don't need to work after we marry...' That's bad. He is somehow making you dependent on him..."

Sal nodded and then said in his defense, "No! He is not! He just wants to see me in comfort and happiness. He cares for me." She said in a low pitch.

I asked her, frowned, "Are you happy? Does your heart says your 'Yes' it's correct?"

She nodded. "Yup."

"Cool! Move on. Let it be. But also focus on your studies girl. Maybe not for yourself but as a debt of gratitude to your parents and Lil' brother. Just please don't regret your decision in future no matter what may come."

I felt, she just wanted support. She wanted someone to tell her, that she was doing right.

She hugged me and smiled sheepishly.

"Thank you Rigs. Damn you, how you listen to me so patiently." She continued, "I know you are never interested but you always help me out. Thank you. Thank you so much...and sorry." Her head dropped.

"I made you bored..."

"Don't feel sorry but..."

I said introspecting my words, "Remember one thing. If he really loves you then he will never try to tell you that don't study or don't stand as 'something' in the society." I said in a smirky way but cautiously.

She looked at me a bit confusingly and a bit sadly.

"Hmm." She sighed in a low tone, with her whiny glances and darken, swollen eyes, probably because she didn't sleep properly at night.

Pity! Pretty Sal...I again said in my heart. I was worried a bit now about her. I remember, sitting alongside mom and praying for her wisdom and protection. I promised to never leave her in between, in any way!

Salvi had already broken up her relationship with Kales around 4 times in past 3 years! He was a good guy. But I don't know if he really loves Salvi or not. Love? Do they even know what true love feels like?

I remember Salvi used to be so passionate about her dreams before Kales came into her life. She used to tell me she wants to be a doctor or a singer. Oh! Her voice. So melodious. You must have listened to her singing.

Love ruined it all. Her complicated love life made her ruin her desires, her feelings, her choices..for whom?

That shitty Kales! Why? Why? I used to ask myself.

I thought just because she was like any other stupid girl from our school dying for love and fall for those crazy silly romantic "movie heroes". Those money-making songs, whose meaning they won't even understand!

I sometimes feel so blown away by her situation that even I cried for her at times. She used to say, "Rigs, what can I do? Should I choose you or him...? I love you both. Please understand."

And I replied to her saying, "Oh! My dear PYT, we are just 14 still. Why you don't wanna' enjoy the better sides of life. There comes a 'stage' for everything. For learning, making the foundation, friendship, love, responsibilities, old age, and death. As Shakespeare wrote in his poetry.

Remember? You know it. Enjoy friendship right now and accept that a Youth is a phase of confusion. One need to control and keep building a stronger foundation, first. Teenage love of sixteen is not always the true love of life."

But she ignored. She ignored my words each time. So now you know why I'm so fed up at times. Why I just want to finish it explaining to you so quickly. I need not do this, maybe.

So, what I used to do as I tried to keep her in my prayers always, as my mom used to say, "Faith is the key". I have faith in the powerful workings of universe, nature and our brain. I have faith, which is a dynamo in our life. I had faith in our youthful friendship. I had faith in the happiness of Salvi.

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