Rigu – The Compilation Of Real Life Experiences | Episode 3

About the Series

This series has compiled the very common thoughts and struggle stories of teenagers, through memories and voice of a girl who is a keen observer and an introvert. The reason I felt beatific while writing these episodes were its transparency, an erk and a desire to touch the hearts of youths. The girl who is narrating the story holds her own deep story about all of it and why she is so much concerned about youths. Her story would be revealed probably at the end.

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The Pretty ThingPart  - 2 )



“‘Hey Salvi. What are you doing?'  Neel asked.


'Just completing some notes' Salvi replied, her focus was on her notes. I too was copying them.


'Uhm... I have got you your favorite chocolate.' He tried to disturb and distract her again with his stupid ideas.


You know Rigs how Neel is. He looks very simple and innocent, with all his specks and geeky looks. But he is completely the opposite one. He is this big-bad-ass! He tries to flirt with Salvi each day, in each period. He and his stupid friends, they all are jerks!


Anyway... Why I'm telling you about the garbage. Where was I...? Yeah!


So... uhm...You will believe Ri, what Sal replied?"


"What?" I asked Miru with my focus up to ears.


She immediately burst into excitement and imitated her,


“‘You eat your chocolate Mr and please can you try pooping your f*ing words somewhere else.
Oh, god Ri! That smirky look and annoyed eyebrows; you will not believe me girl, she looked that confident girl who had made the overly smart-specky-Neel, quiet for a minute. Then he just picked up his ass and frowned and moved back to his seat."


Suddenly Miru stopped. She moved her eyes, gesturing in my direction while sipping her juice. Salvi was approaching us. Her hairs flung through her fast-paced walk.


I remembered my talk with her last night. I asked Salvi on the phone a day before that, "how is your boy?"


"Oh! Yeah. He has got a job in some MNC last month" I was wrapping up my stationery. She continued, "We are just great friends now. I think we both understand each other but we both need some more time. We still talk and share things but you know he has got kinda' busy and me too. Well, how's Casy now? Is she finally able adjust in humanities now?"


She just changed the topic! I wondered.


"Yup she is better..." I replied as normally as I could. But from the inside, I didn't know why but I was partying out loud!


"Hmm good" She sighed.


"So, what were you doing?" I asked, just to continue the talk.


"Nothing much, trying to complete my chapters."


"Great!" I said in astonishment as well as happiness.


After 2-3 minutes of random gossips, she said,"... You know what Rigs. I finally had learned a great lesson in my life. I'm...I mean I was such a fool. You know what? Miru's presence has suddenly changed me. She is the part of my soul. She is my soul mate."


She started to laugh and I can still fancy her smug.


These two girls used to be all crazy together and I never expected the two completely different stories of my life will meet in such a way and will become one.


These two girls were insane and always had fun together-- doodling on each other’s legs during the silent and boring classes, quarreling and then reach out to me or at other times, Casy, just to tell us about their stupid fights and solve them. They never stayed for an advice. I usually spoke in Salvi's favor whenever Casy too is there and then, Casy took Miru's side.


Then, hilariously enough, we both start to argue with each other while in next few hours they both used to be friends again, and Casy and I would stare at each other and laugh hell out of us, going back to our class.


They both used to hate each other before our classes got shuffled. They knew whatever little about each other through me.


Though we talked less initially, gradually, Miru and I, dedicated our friendship for evermore somewhere inside our hearts. I used to tell her that she (Salvi) is a nice girl.


But she used to say, "She is a haughty type and guys are always flirting with her and she responds too, like that...I don't like her much Ri. How can you both be such good friends from such a long time? You are no way like her!"


Salvi too used to yell, "Is she crazy? She always asks such stupid questions, disturbing the whole class! She looks too egoistic."


They both never talked to each other, to compete for two years. All they used to say to me about each other was,


"Ok. She is your friend. Good. But I don't like her.''


But back then, when they were finally in the same classroom, they became best partners.


Salvi still used to tell me about random guys here and there but she became concerned about her future now. Probably, she perfectly fitted the words, I once wrote in my diary,"Sometimes trying too hard to explain someone is not the way. Every being has a birthright to be independent and decide for his/her actions. Sometimes one needs no words but a great fall to wake up and grow stronger the next day!"


In Salvi's case, as she said, "It took a really long time. But I think it was better than it happened young and not now. My two years are really significant! Kales too encourage me to focus on my studies. Do you know he has made a timetable for me! He is being really nice and so helpful.


He is no more a problem because now I have started to love myself. Now, I let the love flow Rigs, as you told me and as Miru did to me! She made me experience it. Oh, my sweetheart, my girlfriend!"


She pouted and gave a flying kiss to her 'girlfriend' Miru, which made me giggle for the next few minutes and they both guffawed.


Now when someone asks me what is love? I think the truest kind of love which happened to me was when I hugged Miru the first and the last time in school. It was teachers’ day and the whole day Miru kept on taunting Salvi, "See Sally... This girl has snatched me away from you. "


"Rigs, how I hate you, she is mine!" She funnily reacted while Casy and I giggled sheepishly.


What we learned was,

"Love can never be restricted. It can only be set free. 

Love can never be 'me' first. It is always You, as it is Us.

Love can never be doubts. It is always 'I trust you.'

Love can never be perhaps. It is always a clear yes. 

Love can never be the body. It is always heartfelt feelings.

Love can never be 'Dying' together. It is always Live with each other until we can, always growing alongside.

Love can never be unacceptable. It is always a happy ending. 

Love is not about being a husband-wife or mother-child. 


Love can never be a chase. It is giving, expecting nothing in return.

It is a salve that possesses the power to even alter the cruelest.      

It is this dignified kind of love that makes you and me a human being. 

True love is unconditional, like a mother's love for her child, where peace and pain reside together, eternally, explaining to us the gist of life."


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