Rigu – The Compilation Of Real Life Experiences | Episode 4

About the Series

This series has compiled the very common thoughts and struggle stories of teenagers, through memories and voice of a girl who is a keen observer and an introvert. The reason I felt beatific while writing these episodes were its transparency, an erk and a desire to touch the hearts of youths. The girl who is narrating the story holds her own deep story about all of it and why she is so much concerned about youths. Her story would be revealed probably at the end.

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She was sitting at the last desk of the second, left row, with him that day. We all were, as usual, sitting near the left wall on the second and third desks.


Their group included 4 guys and 4 girls. The satire was she was not one of those four and of course, she was not ‘he’.


She was Raavi. The sensitive, adroit though nimble, and innocent beauty, Raavi, and they all were gangsters of our class. They were those kids who always sat on the last bench and are always smirky and haughty. And though one can trust them, no one liked their futile fake attitude or their poignant ego, which they considered as cool.


I don’t know, whether other fellows were kind of jealous or just gossipers! The point was not who they are or what they do. I barely care. It’s their life and no one can change a person until they themselves want to change. They have no regrets, and then it’s okay I think.


But Raavi! She was not like them; not even an inch similar to them! I thought at that point, She was clearly trying to fit in, in the group.


Raavi took admission in my school in 9th standard. She was a strong competitor to Casy and other toppers of the class. She had always scored great in academics and was a really sensitive girl; fragile. Even a little taunt or mock can make her weep.


That day, the whole class was soo exulting from 8 lectures, around 5 were free and so we sang songs, completed our incomplete work, roamed and explored each and every corridor, and probably others were doing the same.


The Gangsta’ Girls and Raavi too got involved at one point with us… While we were singing. But after the school was about to be dismissed, we saw Raavi and Dave together.


Casy pointed out and said in a pitiful voice,”Raavi was a good girl, until she didn’t start sitting with her.”


I grinned and replied,”She is still a brilliant student topper  (i.e. Casy)! You don’t worry. She is alright.”


Casy looked back and we both just changed the topic and started to play paper and pen games again. With us were Salvi and Nisa. The day was total fun!


(Next day. In morning assembly.)


“Are you mad! You must not have done this Vi! “


“How can this happen?”


“Are you damn crazy Rave!..”


“If you would repeat that again, then I’m gonna’ kill you… “


“Is everything alright?”


I finally reached the assembly ground. There was lots of hustle-bustle. Children were gathering in the ground. Teachers were busy doing arrangements and settling the kids. Boys were styling their glued spiked hairs correctly and cleansing their shoes.


The love-birds were glancing at each other, shying away and girls were setting their uniforms right, pulling up their ties and socks. The old friends, now shuffled, were meeting and hugging. Few females were gossiping.


But our class girls, were right there shouting, though in a low-pitched voice. At whom, guess?




One of girl ran towards me near the grounds threshold, grabbed my hand and took me towards the tiny thronged area, near Raavi, who was sobering.


Casy too was standing beside her, making her quiet, saying,”Don’t cry, or ma’am will come. And you are a strong one, Vi.”


I mused, “who cribbed her now?”


Then, Miru grabbed my hand suddenly and whispered in my ear. I glanced intensely at her dark brown eyes, completely blown!


My eyes got filled a little. I knew Dave from 7th. He is bad, notorious but not a perv! He also knew my brother well as they both were into sports.


I hastily picked up Rav’s left hand. I saw tears in her beautiful light-shaded eyes. Her one plait was hanging near her right eye, getting washed with her big teardrops.


She didn’t try to face my brows. Casy held her firmly, with her one hand on Rav’s right shoulder and other on the left.


I finally turned her hand upside down. She had tried to cut her nerve. She started to sober again.


I remember, how slitting one’s wrist became a crazy trend between all these immature kids at that time. I think, it still is perhaps.


It was a deep one, I could clearly see her muscles. It had grown red and the slit was still quite a fresh one. Probably she had done it today morning only.


“Are you stupid Rav! Have you done any mistake? Tell me! You were just sitting with him. Okay, probably you also had some feelings for him! I agree. But you didn’t signal him to kiss you! ” I glared at Rave and exclaimed.


“Rave… You shouldn’t have done this. You are special. He is a coward and a cruel-lusty-thing. He is nothing… Nothing at all Vi.” Miru frowned.


“See Rave if you want we can talk to Ms. Bella about it. She would understand it completely and will surely give TC to Dave.” Casy consoled her.


“No. I don’t want to create any drama about me in the school. I want to die! He…he…”
Raavi again sobered.


I got so annoyed, that I clutched her opposite hand tightly and said, “Listen to me girl. If you wanna’ die, Die! But just think for a sec for whom are you giving up your life?? That … That lecherous little thing, Dave! He is not your lover, nor your best friend, neither your parent nor your little brother… He is just a devil! Wow! Great great. Great Raavi…” I started to clap with a fake titter. My voice went deep.


“Those who love you so much, who have always cared for you, who probably cannot live without you…You are giving a great gift to them. They will surely cry! Yaa… They will but how pitiful… Not happy tears! Sad. Go ahead, Rave. Yes! Kill yourself and prove you are a much bigger coward than him! Just look at him. Look!” Every face turned around to glare at Dave.


“He does not even care. He is laughing. Look!”


Rave suddenly interjected, “He said me sorry about 100 times…!”


“Can you forgive him??” Her tears took a blurred glimpse of me.


Oh! Raavi..if you could have then you would not have even tried this! You belong to a typical good household. You are not a slut, of course, and nor any of those devil girls, as they call it!
Nor you are their type. Why you are trying to fit-in soo much!? There are still your older friends, always waiting for your hi-fi’! We too are always there to shake a hand of friendship with you… Then why Raavi?”


Casy and her good old friend, Miru nodded in my agreement.


“The assembly is about to start girls,” Ms. Pout shouted with her manly voice.


Yup. She had those big lips and highly that deep voice, which can be injurious to your ears.


Suddenly Raavi tee-heed looking at her. We all too giggled. Few girls rushed back to their positions.


Raavi clasped my hand.


“I will never repeat my stupidity again. You know what, He, he, kissed first my hand and then when I gave him a whiny look, he looked at me and tried to kiss on my cheek and he did. I forgave him when he said sorry… But stupid me. I stopped with him in the classroom when he said he wants to tell me something. He tried to force me but …but I was able to run away. Tell me Ri… What could I have done? My parents would have shattered and maybe abandoned me if… if I would have…” She started to sober, again. Casy held her tight, bringing her near to her shoulders.


“Oh, girl…” I too clasped her hand tight.


After a few seconds, she cleaned her tears away, corrected her hairs and got her uniform right. Suddenly Salvi too arrived. She was not about to come today.


She spluttered,”Hey ladies! Wassup’ ?…uh… Is everything alright here?”


She saw Rav and then looked at us with her eyebrows winged up.


“Hey, Salvi. ” Raavi snuffled and spoke softly.


“Uhh..hey” Sal replied, still flicking her eyebrows and pinching my neck from the back.


“Ouch!” I reacted.


Casy and Raavi stared at me.


I just gave an absurd smile. “uu…nothing… ” And then I looked at Sal annoyed and she grinned.


Thankfully, breaking the absurd silence Raavi asked, “Can I sit with you, Salvi? Like today… If Rigs or Casy don’t mind..”


Salvi exclaimed… “Why not a girl!”


Wow. Salvi looks in bliss today. I wondered.


“Assembly still didn’t start. They are taking quite long today to settle! “


We listened to Ms. ‘Pink’ Pout shouting for no reason at all and we laughed. It took Raavi around a whole year to come out of her trauma but we were always there to cheer her up.


Friendship makes everything alright. Dave and his whole gang knew me quite well. They knew that I’m not the girl who is going to leave them easily if they did something rude to me or my friends. They had to think ten times before speaking to me, probably because of the fact that they knew how I hated their pitiable attitude.


He came and again said sorry to Raavi and he saw me. He also saw Raavi’s stupidity and said,
“I didn’t know this will get this serious. I thought… Whatever…I was wrong. I’m sorry Rave. ”
He gave a regretful look and his eyebrows knitted a bit. He was sorry.


Seeing others and trying to be like them, just for more attention and trying to fit-in some group, it’s nonsensical. You must live your life, in your own way.


‘Be Yourself’ first and then look outside for love or attention! You are beautiful and perfect, in your own way. You are ‘Unique’ YOU! As that quote goes, why you try to fit in too much when you can stand out!

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