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The story of four teenagers who leave their house and run away in search of freedom. This story describes the innocence, sensitiveness and the bold steps of the girls. The four different mentalities are described in this story.

Avni is a girl who thinks she is powerful and does all the stupid stuff which ends up entire group in troubles but the sweetest girl.

Bhagya is very innocent, sensitive, overthinker who values her friends a lot and believes in God.

Chitra pretends to be bold and rude but she is the most cautious and a girl with a very good heart.

Deeksha is born and brought up in a highly restricted family, she is sometimes rude but innocent from the heart.

The journey of these four girls from their houses to .... well to? To know the full story follow the writing series every week.


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The bus starts moving. All of them falls asleep. Bhagya, Chitra, and Deeksha wakes up in the morning and sees out from the window. They look at each other. Bhagya thinks "Mummy and daddy! I am sorry. Please forgive me for this."


Chitra thinks about the future of the girls "What should we do after this. Coming out of the house is an easy thing but next?" Deeksha dreams of enjoying the life to the fullest.


Meanwhile, Avni wakes up and says "Where are we?"


Three of them says "Finally! You woke up."


Bhagya enquired, "Avni you mixed the sleeping pills and how come you ate that food?"


Avni replied "Yes. I remember eating that food." And she remembers her family asking her to eat the dinner and she gets tempted by the biryani and then she ate it.


She says "It was biryani."


Chitra says "We are going to live with this mad girl for rest of our lives. Dangerous adventure ever!"


Deeksha laughs and says "Avni you should be careful from now on."


She says ok and sits quietly. They start eating chips and talking to each other.


Bhagya tells Avni "I am very scared. I have never been out of the house. I don't know what will happen."


Avni replied "It's tough to imagine that we are all alone now. Even though we are together, I feel we are still lonely in our hearts."


They both start contemplating on their situation and Avni says "Don't tell this to Chitra and Deeksha they will also be scared at least let them be happy." Bhagya agreed.


Meanwhile, Deeksha asks Chitra, "Is it right? What have we done is right or wrong? I should be happy that I flew from the cage but why am I feeling scared and dull."


Chitra replied "It's just because you think too much Deeksha. Stop overthinking and don't talk like this in front of Avni and Bhagya as they already look afraid."


Chitra consoles Deeksha but deep down inside her heart she is very much scared as were the other three.


She thinks "How to live over there? Can we get a better life there? Right or wrong we already took a step forward. Hope we stay safe."


It's night already, they are still in the bus. One day passed and many questions were on their mind. They didn't tell each other just because they didn't want to make each other more confused and scared. That one day they thought much about their lives than ever.


Finally, they reached their destination. They got down the bus. Deeksha booked a cab to the hotel.


Avni asked, "Where are we going to stay now?"


Deeksha said "I booked a room for us in the hotel don't worry. Let's go there first."


Avni asked, "Is everything going be fine?" Bhagya said, "We are supposed to be excited but why aren't we?"


Deeksha remarks "Did we do anything wrong?"


Chitra shouts "Girls! Relax. We took such a big step and I know there's a lot going on in our minds but we have only questions, but no answers. Let's put all those aside and enjoy the days. It's everyone's dream to be here and we are here girls."


They smile and then Deeksha says "Our cab is here. Get in."  Everyone gets in and the cab moves.


Then they see the board saying "WELCOME TO GOA"


 ( To be continued )

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