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Everyone loves to taste a variety of food in their life and only a few are lucky to taste the great food. When you have a best friend who can take a bite of your food and explore different foods with you, then you’re definitely lucky. Check out the amazing food you can taste in Jodhpur city by the food blogger Komal Purohit.



1.Maave Ki Kachori

You can get this kachori near station road jodhpur. A man named ‘Raawat’ discovered this kachori. So the shop named after “Raawat Kachori”. This is a spherical hollow kachori filled with ‘Meva’ and is pored with the thick sugar syrup. The shop is famous for its kachori and for sweet.










Mohanji’s” special Malpua from Jodhpur. These are of two types:-


This one is of gudh. Malpuas are circular and flat in appearance. Sugar syrup is concentrated and “Malpuas” are dipped in it. Even people living far from city areas also come here to buy it.










This is located in our famous clock tower, “Mishrilal Ki Lassi“. Tourists came and never go without tasting it. The presentation is good and ‘Rabri‘ makes it more special. It’s made with fresh yogurt every day and it’s moderately sweet. Once you taste it, you’ll never forget it.









4.Gulab Jamun

This is the famous sweet of Jodhpur, you can get this at “Chaturbhuj Shop“. People who live abroad also carry this with them. It can preserve for longer days. And it’s made fresh every day. The shop open for 8:00 am-10:00pm.

There are 2-3 shops named as ‘Chaturbhuj’ in the same line, so you can recognize it by its smell and taste.













5.Daal Batti Churma

It is famous in the whole Rajasthan, but in our Jodhpur especially a shop named as ” Bhawani Daal Batti Churma” is renowned for daal battis. Baatis is composed of wheat dough,  suji, ajwain, and salt to taste. It is usually served with garlic chutney, churma (sweet), ladoo, onion slices and the spice of Mirchi. These are mostly preferred during the rainy and winter season.












6.Keer Saangri

Ker Sangariya is also known as the “Ker Kumatiya” in which small kers are surrounded with black dotted button shaped called kumatiyas. The long thin needle-shaped sangaria is the major part for the taste of this sabji. This is why this is immensely loved by all the Rajasthan’s.















About Blogger

Komal Purohit

I’m a honors (accounting) final year student. I have my interest in food blogging from last two years and that’s why I used to explore different places with different food varieties. I’m fond of clicking and knowing about the facts of recipes. I am also a google local guide from last two years and i have posted around 1000 photos on google maps and get around 14 lakhs views. I also have a page namely “foodie_traveller” on Instagram!

All the dishes shared by me are specialties of Rajasthan. I’m from Jodhpur and these are the food blogs of particularly my city.! I explore my passion of food blogging with my best friend either on weekends or it’s like whenever we get spare time and this is how we made our huge collection of foods stuff and their descriptions and it is still going on.hope you guys will enjoy my food blog page!


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