The Four Girls – In Search Of Freedom | Episode 1


About the Series

The story of four teenagers who leave their house and run away in search of freedom. This story describes the innocence, sensitiveness and the bold steps of the girls. The four different mentalities are described in this story.

Avni is a girl who thinks she is powerful and does all the stupid stuff which ends up entire group in troubles but the sweetest girl.

Bhagya is very innocent, sensitive, overthinker who values her friends a lot and believes in God.

Chitra pretends to be bold and rude but she is the most cautious and a girl with a very good heart.

Deeksha is born and brought up in a highly restricted family, she is sometimes rude but innocent from the heart.

The journey of these four girls from their houses to .... well to? To know the full story follow the writing series every week.

Episode - 1

The phone keeps vibrating while the girl climbs out of the window. She does not answer the call and jumps out of the house and gets into the cab with her bags. Then she picks up the phone and sees missed calls from Avni, Bhagya, and Chitra. She calls up Avni and says that she is on her way to the bus stop and hangs up the phone. At the bus stop, the three girls are seen waiting for the bus.

Then a girl from the trio says “Never make plans with Deeksha. She is always late.”

Next girl from the gang says “Chill! Chitra. You know how strict her parents are right?”

Chitra replies “How did you come out Avni? Your parents sleep late at night and if they knew they will start searching!”

Avni says “I mixed sleeping pills in tonight’s food.”

Chitra retorted “Oh my god!” And both of them looked at Bhagya and said ”What happened? Why are you so dull Bhagya?”

Bhagya with a really scared expression says “ I am really scared. If my father gets to know this he will never allow me to stay at home again!”

Then Avni and Chitra smiles and says " Bhagya do you want to go back home?"

To this Bhagya fervently replied “No!!”

“Listen Bhagya we came out of the house in search of our freedom. We flew out of the cage. Have you ever been happy at your house?”, asked Chitra.

Bhagya replied “No. I have never been happy there.”

“Then why are you even worrying?”, said Chitra. Avni’s phone starts ringing.

Chitra asks Avni to answer her call but finds Avni asleep in the chair. She gets disgusted and thinks “This girl sleeps wherever she feels like” and picks her phone and sees Deeksha calling.

She answers the call and says “We are near the bus come fast. We already took the tickets” and hangs up the phone.

Deeksha joins them and says “What happened to Avni?” They remain mum.

Then Chitra speaks  “Don’t you know that no one can separate her from her sleep?” Deeksha laughs.

Meanwhile, Bhagya tries to wake Avni up but she doesn’t wake up. Bhagya thinks and remembers that Avni mixed sleeping pills in the night’s food.

“Oh my God! She ate that food” shrieked Bhagya.

Chitra and Deeksha ask “What food?”

Bhagya says “Avni mixed sleeping pills in her family’s food. I think she also ate that food.”

Chitra and Deeksha got shocked and they think that girl is going to end this night.

Bhagya says “Don’t worry. Let's get on the bus first we will make her sleep on the bus and then we will think other things.” They get on the bus and makes a place for Avni to sleep.

Deeksha says “I will go get water bottles and some snacks.” Bhagya sits beside Avni.

She says “Don’t worry. I will take care of Avni.” Chitra sits at the side and leaves a place for Deeksha.

Deeksha comes after a while with snacks and cold drinks. They all sit in a row. Deeksha thinks about her house, her parents and her younger brother. Avni sleeps.

Chitra thinks “What next? Don’t know what to do.”

Bhagya prays “God please end this night as fast as possible.”

( To be continued )

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